White Light Smile - Best Teeth Whitening Method

Probably we had the Very Same questions you did -- see our White Light Smile Review to find out if it actually works and whether it is the'potential of teeth whitening devices'?

LED light technologies (and even heats up) along with their specially formulated 35 percent carbamide peroxide gel. As advertised, it is shown to use All These attributes together Better than Colgate, Crest, AuraGlow and Listerine with no disagreeable taste or sensitivity to your teeth.

The White Light Smile home teeth whitening procedure is a small, easy to Use handheld device (which one remark said the White Light Smile was FDA Approved -- still attempting to confirm this but might take a while ) with a curved plastic edge on one side that fits into your mouth as a basic teeth whitening tool. Inside that plastic border you will see lights. You put a gel in your mouth then hold these lights against your teeth and clamp down while they proceed to perform whitening your teeth.


In a promotional video advertisements the apparatus, individuals are seen Holding White Light Smile in their own teeth while driving, sitting on the sofa watching TV, and doing other tasks. It kind of resembles a soother (or a grown up pacifier) and will remain in your mouth as long as you clamp down with your teeth.


By using White Light Smile frequently, you can Find a brighter smile Without needing"for expensive or painful processes", explains the maker of this apparatus.

We all know and agree teeth are usually the first thing that you see on Someone, straight or not, white or not, what this really comes down to is risk vs reward -- and with a great amount of confidence about your whiter smile -- but let's take a good look at just how and whether or not it works.

White Light Smile calls itself "the future of teeth whitening". The Small, portable apparatus can be taken anywhere and used with zero discomfort to give you a healthy, durable, and strong smile.

If you are sick of seeing yellow stained teeth in the mirror every Morning, then the manufacturers of White Light Smile recommend using their apparatus to brighten your smile. In fact, they even claim it"eliminates all spots" and gives you"results in seconds" with continuous usage.

Better yetthey also share that their device is cherished by"dentists, orthodontists, and actors all around the world".

That all sounds great -- but exactly what we wanted to understand is how this LED teeth whitener works and is it safe to keep using supposing it actually does whiten your teeth and smile...

While the White Light Smile manufacturers of the flagship teeth whitening Products never really mention or list any dentists, orthodontists, or celebrities by name that recommend or use the merchandise (some may believe that's a red flag but does not answer the major question of how/if it functions ).

The official site for the White Light Smile never clarifies In-depth how it works to achieve the pearly white teeth seem or the heated-blue LED lighting technology really does to transform your smile. They simply throw out phrases like"stay comfortable" and"durable and strong" and expect you to take these claims at face value -- not the be unpleasant, but we wanted here to receive a proper assessment of healthy risk vs reward.

The good news is that these teeth whitening products, devices and systems Are not new. It's possible to find very cheap and unreliable ones on Amazon where they're priced between $4 and $14. That's where we are wondering just how the White Light Smile dental-grade arrangement and teeth whitening gel put themselves apart.

Basically, these teeth whitening light products use a blue-light Activated gel of 35% Hybrid Carbamide Peroxide alternative. You place that gel inside a teeth mould, and then clamp down on the teeth mould. Then, you set the light-emitting device from the lips and hold it while the light travels to work.

The blue light is created by LEDs. It reacts with all the gel to whiten And strengthen your teeth by quickly removing surface stains and discoloration that is embedded. Ultimately, carbamide peroxide and similar solutions can often be found in other teeth whitening solutions. However, there's no advice or studies posted on the internet that White Light Smile can work as advertised (along with its rivals ).

Out of all of the teeth whiteners and kit systems we have discovered To date, White Light Smile does put themselves into a category of their own being recommended by dentists, orthodontists, or even celebrities. While the evidence may be minimal at right now, we all do know that 35 percent Carbamide peroxide is a legitimate teeth whitening gel utilized in some specific products and may have the desired beneficial effect of lightening and whiten your teeth using consistent use. We'll say however that it is unclear whether the security and long term usage of LED lights on your teeth can perform.

However, when considering those teeth whitening products are not brand new -- And White Light Smile has all of the right features and features of many of its rivals, we do feel like giving it a shot (after all it is the trademarked smile) is in your best interest if you can manage to test and try it out for yourself.

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